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transcending the intellect

The Spiritual path for some is initially inspired through a predominance and fascination with the multiplicity of the intellect. There seem to be infinite possibilities to be explored and uncovered that lead the practitioner through vast landscapes of visual and philosophical intrigue. One may begin by exploring Sacred Geometries, Astrological and Planetary correspondences, and various Symbols infinitely as a path to Illumination. The beauty in this is that the Mind will always show you new things and push you to explore, providing increasing analysis. However, at some point the practitioner must realize that these intellectual processes are merely an initial step in the path, for the energies these Symbols represent mean little if they are either inactive or ungrounded. It should also be noted that those who began the usage of these characters saw them more as tools to describe something that was inexplicable to the intellect. The various symbols were a means to an experience, a shell within which lies an array of experiences that manifest as modes of consciousness. These modalities, once understood, may become independent of the symbols, working and breathing within the practitioner as natural states of the divine consciousness. Thus what is being sought is the consciousness which the Symbol represents.

The difficulty in this Path occurs when the individual begins to “deify” the mind, and perceives the interplay of its multiplicity as being the motion of active consciousness itself. The Mind may be representative of the outpouring of the Sea of Consciousness, but should not be mistaken for it. It is merely a reflection, a receptacle which must be refined in order to receive the Essence of Consciousness streaming from a given Symbol. The true resting place of this aspect of the Mind is within the Heart center. It will be noted here that the Mind we typically operate from is too heavy for the cen- ters in the Head, and thus it is necessary for the grounding in the Heart, otherwise the Mind remains floating, uncontrolled, and unanchored. When one begins to ground the Mind into the body via a balance in the Heart, the two aspects of being (Force and Form) unite in harmony. A symbol of this lies in the Anahata Chakra (Heart Center) which contains a Six-pointed star, the unification of above and below. As the Mind becomes anchored in the Heart Center, the Head Chakras are freed up to take in the influx of the more refined essences which can be drawn from the Symbols. The image of the Symbol may then be held comfortably in the Third eye, and then linked with the Eighth and Ninth centers above the head, for above the head is where these Symbols begin to truly reveal themselves.

One should not assume that they can thoroughly execute everything they know, simply because the Mind knows it. There is a difference between Knowledge and Understanding and the Mind alone is not sufficient to execute both. The Mind Knows things, from the stand point that it sees the workings of them. It knows that if this occurs, then that; it observes Cause and Effect. However, what it perhaps lacks is the ability to execute actions.

This is what Understanding entails and is the action of the Living Presence. One not only observes Cause and Effect, but also Understands the workings behind them, and thus is able to apply the energies. All of this being said, one should not assume that they can thoroughly execute everything they know, simply because the Mind knows it. Symbols are shells, latent forms awaiting a Force to truly awaken their form. If these forms are to truly become worthwhile as a means of further projecting the consciousness into an understanding and usage of their content, a strong connection with the Individuality must be attained, for it is through the higher self that all forms become purified and illumined. This holds the deeper initiations which have aligned these motions from Time eternal. When the connection with the Individuality has been attained these essences become fluid and effortless. Relationships are no longer forced by the Mind, but rather move dynamically through the Consciousness.

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Phil Schurger